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Project Lead

Dr Odilia Laceulle

Associate Professor

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Closing date

31 December 2025

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What We Do

Refugee Wellbeing Monitor

In 10 minutes a year, you can reshape the integration narrative of refugees in the Netherlands. A narrative that reflects on your wellbeing, journey and experience.  

Purpose and objectives


To move beyond measuring the success of your integration with how much income do you earn, we measure your satisfaction with the quality of life you lead. Wellbeing in a broad sense in the Netherlands today is shown through eight themes: well-being, material well-being, health, labour and leisure time, housing, society, safety, and the environment.

Who can participate

  • You are above 18 years old

  • You have refugee status or in the process to obtain one

  • You live in the Netherlands for lesser than 5 years

This study requires

  • 5 online surveys at your own time over the course of 5 years 

  • Participants will be asked to share their contact information

  • Each survey takes roughly 10 minutes to complete

Risks and benefits associated

There are no risks of participating in this study. Participants are not compensated for their participation.


Have any questions or want to learn more? Contact us today and our research team will reach out to you. 

Consent withdrawal & data deletion

You can decide to withdraw your consent to participate in this study and delete your data online at any moment, with no explanations required. We encourage you to have a look at the information letter which describes this further.  




Part of this survey is a replication to the “here and now” dimension of the Wellbeing Monitor developed in 2017 by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics.  Learn more.