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10. Jan. 2021

The RWII Receives the ANBI Status

Marita Sakellaki

The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration recognizes Stg. Refugee Wellbeing and Integration Initiative (The RWII) as a public benefit organization (Dutch: Algemeen nut beogende instelling).

Among other things, this means your donations to RWII are now tax-deductible. You can benefit from the maximum tax advantage when you support our work with a periodic donation for at least five years. Regular donation plans will be available soon on our website.

If you are considering making a one-time considerable donation, please use the information below.

We advocate for the wellbeing of Refugees. Our advocacy work focuses on building with data a reflective integration knowledge centered around one’s wellbeing, journey, and experience. With this knowledge, we help organizations influencing refugees in the Netherlands maximise their positive impact.

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