Leadership Team

Kinan Alajak

Founder, Director of the Executive Board


Forced migration should be tackled in their root causes; for instance, an unfair global socio-economic system that is unsustainable, short-termed, extractivist, and has no regard for human dignity. While a deeper change takes place, I consider that the least we could do, those living a privileged position, is contributing to equity and integration of refugees within our countries.

Kinan Alajak is the Founder and Director of Stg. Refugee Wellbeing and Integration Initiative, a research organization conducting studies for service-providers and institutions that influence the integration experience of refugees. 


Few years after the Syrian war broke out in 2011, Kinan Alajak, then an active student of information systems engineering, took political refuge in the Netherlands. He became a social entrepreneur and researcher.


Now 26, Alajak besides his studies at Utrecht School of Economics he has been involved in many significant projects that improve the knowledge and practice of migrant integration.

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