Project Lead

Dr Sergio España

Associate Professor

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Closing date

31 December 2022

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What We Do

Integration Ecosystem Map

In 30 minutes of your time, help us get insight into the integration roadmap of refugees and maximize your service positive impact.  

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Purpose and objectives


We want to help organizations contextualize their service in relation to the full range of needs of their client and in relation to other services available for refugees in the Netherlands. This resource will encompass the refugees’ interaction with the spectrum of services which influence their wellbeing and integration.

Who can participate

  • You are a representative of service-provider 

  • Your service is offered in the Netherlands

  • Your services’ clients are mostly refugees 

This study requires

  • Online guided survey at a scheduled time 

  • Each survey takes roughly 30 minutes 

  • Confirmation of response validity via email 

Risks and benefits associated

There are no risks of participating in this study. Participants are not compensated for their participation.


Have any questions or want to learn more? Contact us today and our research team will reach out to you.